We take a holistic picture of our customers’ operational environments, the industry sector key success factors (KSF) and value-adding strategies and align our consulting and training interventions to ensure that our customers achieve their strategic intents. Our learning approach enables our customers’ executives and employees to take part in engaging learning journeys that ultimately help them do their job better. Rooted in the belief that we learn best when discussing new ideas with like-minded people, our programmes include:

  • Bite-sized learning resources designed to prompt debate and spark creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Virtual and face-to-face consulting, advisory services, training, workshops, seminars and conferences so that our customers can meet the subject matter experts, experience the learning via real-life problems and challenges, and practice new behaviours, tools and techniques
  • Social learning from start to finish, encouraging customers and learners to contribute, share and rate their own views and content via live video capture and online chat.

So whether your people need to understand how to assess your board performances, business strategy, how to deploy new technologies that impact your operations, model a new financial investment, rebuild your marketing strategy, transform your sales management or generate increased client value and loyalty through better relationship management or synchronize customer value management (SCVM), SJG Consulting could inspire you to change the way you achieve success.